Tuesday, August 14, 2012

While President and Prime Minister Fiddles, India Burns.

After 20 years of neo-liberal raj when the inequality, corruption, price rise, under employment, criminalization, communalization, caste-gender based atrocities and cultural degeneration have reached unheard of levels, and they are going to multiply as the global imperialist crisis is increasingly sweeping across all fields with both production and export declining while inflation intensifies, when Assam is still burning and India is alienated from all neighbouring countries, what was stated by the president in his 14th night speech and the prime minister from Red Fort on 15th morning amounts to nothing but fiddling, while the country is burning. If prime minister is silent or nothing much to assure about  actions against  corruption, price rise,intensifying stagflation and the Assam riots, it shows the compound guilt of this government which has dragged the people to unprecedented miseries.
This shows the extent of malice within the system which cannot be remedied without the major operation of overthrowing it to be replaced by people's democracy with socialist goals. It calls for replacing present imperialist dictated development policies which pauperize masses and devastate the country, with people oriented sustainable development which ensures the all basic needs of the people to start with and which ensures non-antagonistic relation between nature and human beings.
This can be created only through a second independence struggle. On this day when the union jack was brought down 65 years ago, let us pledge to bring a people's raj.