Sunday, February 19, 2012

Agenda of Asian Agri Conference

 1st April-Sunday
10 am to 1 pm-Inaugural Session: Perspective of Asian Agricultural Conference
1 to 2 pm – Lunch break
2 to 6 pm -  Second Session: Presentation of Position Papers on Agrarian Question.

2nd April, Monday
9 am to 1pm – Third Session: Transformation in the Asian Agricultural Situation during the Post- Second World War period.
1 to 2 pm Lunch Break
2 to 6 pm – Fourth Session: Impact of Imperialist policies on the Agricultural Sector.

3rd April, Tuesday
9 am to 1 pm-Fifth Session – Impact of Ecological changes, Technological intervention and WTO policies on the Agricultural Sector.
1 to 2 pm Lunch Break
2 to 6 pm – Concluding Session: Approach to Agrarian Revolution.

 Dear Friends and Comrades,
The Convening Committee for the Asian Agricultural Conference in its meeting on 15-16 February at New Delhi has approved the following Agenda for the Asian Agricultural Conference to be held on 1st to 3rd April, 2012 at New Delhi. The synopsis of the AAC and the invitation letter are also attached once again. All those who are interested to send papers to the Conference and those interested to participate in the Conference are requested to contact the address given below.
One set of papers received are already sent. Those who have not received the papers are requested to contact the undersigned. Registration of all the delegates should be done by 15th March positively. The final agenda in detail shall be send to all the delegates and invitees by 25th March. All papers and comments on the papers received shall be sent to all delegates and invitees as and when they are received.
The registration fee for the delegates provided accommodation in the ISI complex is Rs. 1500/- while for those provided facilities outside is Rs. 500/- The registration fee may please be send to a/c no. 1781235254, code: cbin 0280868, Central Bank of India, Main Branch, Raichur-584101, Karnataka of R. Manasayya.
All the invitees and delegates from outside India are once again requested to send all details required for VISA urgently.
With warm greetings,
R. Manasayya,

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