Monday, April 30, 2012

Observe May Day with Revolutionary Spirit and Orientation

THE MAY DAY, the international working class day, is observed this year when the all round attacks on them in all fields are intensified by the forces of capital, thereby further sharpening the contradiction between labour and capital to unprecedented levels. Today there is not a single country in the world where this contradiction is not getting manifested in one way or other. In India the mighty general strike of tens of millions of workers on 28th February, irrespective of the reformist character of the leaderships of the trade union centres leading them, had revealed the potential of this vanguard class once they are politicized and mobilized. At many industrial centres across the country including the new centres like Gurgaon and Noida near Delhi repeated militant struggles are taking place for their basic rights.
This is the situation around the world also. Especially in Greece and in other capitalist countries including the US, millions of workers are coming out in struggles paralyzing the economies there. So if the international finance capital is intensifying its most barbarous attacks on the working class, the workers are also strengthening their resistance struggles which are sometimes spilling over to militant offensives against the capitalist imperialist forces and their lackeys.
It is high time the communist forces recognize the potentialities inherent in this newly emerging situation, when the working class is becoming more politicized, mobilized and joining numerous struggles against their class enemy. The revolutionary opportunities created by the increasingly favourable objective situation become brighter if the unity of the working class can be strengthened further and they are increasingly transformed in to a ‘class for itself’ through continuous politicization. May Day is not a day for celebrations today as the working class has very little left to celebrate. It is a day for pledging to carry forward the struggle to overthrow the rule of imperialists and their lackeys. For this the working class should get mobilized and politically educated to shoulder this task. The challenge confronting the communist forces is to help the working class to prepare themselves for the historic struggles of coming days. While observing the May Day let us resolve to vigorously carry forward this task.

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