Thursday, May 24, 2012

Repeal Hike in Petrol Price and Bring Down Prices of Essential Commodities! Revoke Decontrol of Petrol pricing; Repeal Neo-Liberal Policies! Mobilize the Masses and Make 31st May Bharat Bandh a Great Success!

Dear comrades,
The UPA government’s declaration hiking the petrol price by Rs. 7.50 at one stroke is another arrogant attack on the masses who are already reeling under ever-intensifying and unprecedented rise in prices of all essential commodities and services. After decontrolling the petrol pricing without even getting it passed in parliament, prime minister Manmohan Singh is ridiculing the people by saying that it is done by the companies, and the government has no control over it. Similarly, if is happening because of the fall in Rupee value in relation to dollar, as the government shamelessly justifies, it is due to the neo-liberal policies imposed under imperialist dictation. So will the government  repeal these anti-people policies?  It should not be forgotten that even when the international finance capital crisis was intensifying for last three years or more, this government was repeating that everything is ok and that the resilient Indian economy will not be affected. Now they justify the crisis in the economy and hike in petrol price sighting the Euro zone crisis and what not. All these self-contradictory talks are for       hoodwinking  the people. It is abundantly clear that as Indian economy is getting increasingly integrated with the imperialist finance capital system under globalization, any crisis in the imperialist system will be soon transmitted to the economy of countries like India which are under increasing neo-colonial plunder. The worsening economic plight of the masses including the price hikes are the result of  these policies blatantly imposed by the government, and it alone is responsible for its consequences like price rise.
In this situation, the people have no other way out but to unleash their fury to compel the government to repeal of the petrol price hike and to revoke the decontrol of petrol pricing. This struggle should be expanded to a mighty struggle for revoking the reactionary neo-liberal policies themselves. But as far as the opposition parties are contended they are only interested in cornering the UPA government for their future electoral gains. They have no basic differences with the Congress or UPA government regarding the neo-liberal policies and servitude to imperialism. While campaigning and mobilizing for the bandh, these differences between the approach of the parties from BJP to CPI(M) who implement the very same policies of the UPA government whenever and wherever they come to power, with that of the revolutionary left forces should be highlighted. The CPI (ML) appeals to all genuine left and democratic forces to make the Bharat Bandh a great success and get prepared to use it as a stepping stone to carry forward the struggle to the very revocation of all these anti-people policies.
General Secretary, CPI(ML).
Dated 24th May, 2012.

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