Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why New Dawn India?


These are days when all the positive humane, renaissance, democratic and socialist values developed during the last many centuries through untiring efforts of the humanity are challenged and suppressed by the barbaric imperialist system. The defeat of fascist forces during the Second World War and the mighty advances made by the forces of national liberation and socialism during the post-War years had given rise to hopes of a new world where democracy, egalitarian values and world peace shall flourish. But the severe set backs suffered by the international communist movement beginning with the degeneration of  Soviet Union and East European countries from the socialist path from 1950s have reversed these gains. Utilizing the opportunity provided by it, the imperialist system, especially the hegemonic US imperialism, have succeeded to impose and intensify the neo-colonial loot and plunder utilizing fascist attacks on the countries which want independence, nations which strive for liberation and people who want revolution.

In spite of this, the imperialist system has not succeeded to overcome the periodic crises it is facing, which has become acute in recent years. The finance capital which is parasitic and speculative has reached extreme levels of crisis and causing repeated meltdowns of the imperialist global system. Even the intensification of the plunder of the proletariat in their own countries and the world people through ‘neo-liberal’ policies, and the  murderous aggressions against, imposing of puppet governments in, and looting of the natural resources of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya like countries have not helped the imperialist system and US to come out of the crisis they are facing. As a result, imperialism is facing the worst ever instability and internal  contradictions.

But as past history and Marxist-Leninist world view teaches us, just because it is confronting the worst ever challenges, the imperialist system will not get reformed or leave the scene on its own. It is a barbarous system and it has to be overthrown. Then only the world proletariat and the oppressed people can create a new world, a socialist world, which shall create conditions for marching forward to a class less communist future. So, our task is to unite the masses, politicize them and to lead them to a countrywide mass uprising which will sweep away the imperialist monsters and their lackeys from the country, creating conditions for completing the tasks of People’s Democratic Revolution and marching towards socialist revolution as part of the world proletarian socialist revolution.

This struggle is significant in another context also. From the time the capitalist system started ‘recreating the world in its own image’, it had started turning the relation between human society and nature in to an antagonistic one. Under imperialist system, especially after the imposition of the ‘neo-liberal’ policies, under the so-called development policies imposed everywhere, the contradiction between capital and nature has become extremely antagonistic. As a result, the human society is facing a catastrophe. A situation is created that without overthrowing the imperialist system the human society cannot survive.

But, this advance is possible only if the challenges confronting the communist movement are overcome and both in theory and practice conditions are created for the onward march of proletarian revolution. This calls for an intensive ideological struggle to expose and defeat all alien tendencies propagated today in the name of Marxist thought and the counter revolutionary imperialist ideological offensive through various means. We have to defeat all shades of reformist, revisionist and reactionary thoughts, defend Marxist-Leninist positions and develop them according to concrete conditions of today.

During the last three decades, from the time the reorganization of the CPI (ML) was taken up, we have initiated an ideological political offensive with this perspective. The successful completion of the Ninth Congress of the CPI (ML) from 7th to 12th November, 2011, at Bhubaneswar, marked a critical point in this. We want to put forward the basic documents put forward by the 2009 Bhopal Conference and the Ninth Congress and to initiate a theoretical debate, discussion of the positions put forward in them together with the worldview of Marxism-Leninism at all levels utilizing all possible avenues. It is in this context this blog: New Dawn India is started. We invite al comrades and friends to put forward all questions concerning the problems confronting the communist movement and concerning the task of changing the world. Let us start a discussion on them and try to develop our theoretical positions so that it helps to transform the world. As Marx said, interpreting the world is not sufficient, we have to change it. Let us try to make this blog another weapon in our struggle to change this world.

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