Monday, December 12, 2011

With Dow Chemicals as Sponsors, Can India Participate in london Olympics?

In spite of the protests from India, the London Olympics chief has arrogantly announced that Dow Chemicals will continue as a sponsor of the event. The whole world know that the Union Carbide merged in to Dow Chemicals to escape from the wrath of the world people and to save itself from compensating the victims of the worst industrial disaster and massacre in history as a result of which hundreds of thousands are still suffering. Dow chemicals are cunningly lodging the responsibility for compensating the victims bribing the political leadership, executive and judiciary in this country..How can such a company sponsor such an esteemed sporting event like Olympics? The committee which organizes the Olympics in London should have thought about it.
Since they are not ready for it, and since they are more interested in the dollars drenched with the blood of Bhopal disaster victims, it is the responsibility of the democratic forces all over the world to protest against it.
In this situation, we have to raise the demand that India should boycott London Olympics unless Dow Chemicals is removed from among its sponsors immediately. A vigorous campaign should be organized to compel Indian government and the Indian Olympic Committee to declare its decision to boycott London Olympics which is organized with the dollars drenched with the blood of thousands of Bhopal gas disaster victims.

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