Monday, March 19, 2012

Come Out on the Streets to Oppose Commissioning of Kudamkulam Nuclear Power Plant

Just an hour ago the AIADMK ministry in Tamilnadu gave formal approval for commissioning of Kudamkulam nuclear power plant defying the people’s opposition to it. More than 5000 police-para military forces were deployed in advance to impose the decision around the plant. The police action has started arresting and removing hundreds of fisher people and peasants including the anti-nuclear activists from the area. It is a heinous attack on the people by the state government at the behest of the central government.  

The CPI (ML) calls on all the people to resist and defeat this attack by the ruling system. In Tamilnadu mobilizing as many forces as possible the dharna, protest marches, street corner meetings are already started by the Anti-Kudamkulam People’s Committee at a number of places. CPI (ML) appeals to all party comrades, all party committees to organize protest actions wherever possible against this barbarous attack by the ruling system. It appeals to all progressive forces to organize whatever forms of protests possible to resist this act of the government to appease the international nuclear lobby of the MNCs.

KN Ramachandran
General Secretary
19TH March, 2012.

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