Monday, March 12, 2012

Let us Struggle for the Repeal of AFSPA and Withdrawal of Army From Policing in Northeast and Jammu & Kashmir.

                       An Appeal to all Progressive Democratic Forces.
Dear Comrades and Friends,
Let us Struggle for the Repeal of AFSPA and Withdrawal of Army From Policing in Northeast and Jammu & Kashmir.
The military is deployed in the seven states of Northeast and in Jammu & Kashmir for almost  last six decades in the name of meeting the insurgency. As soon as the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) was enacted in 1958, it was imposed in these states, providing draconian powers to the armed forces. The presence of army and imposition of AFSPA, giving extra-Constitutional powers to army and para-military forces have created worse than an internal emergency situation in these areas. The indefinite fast launched by Irom Sharmila, enraged by the atrocities committed against the people under      AFSPA, has entered the 12th year. She is kept in detention with forceful feeding for struggling against this draconian act. At the same time, in spite of numerous cases of murder, gang rapes, and other atrocities were investigated and FIRs presented by the local police, the military men are allowed to go scot-free. During these decades the people of Northeast and J&K have raised their voice for the repeal of this draconian law many a times. But, as consecutive governments are refusing to repeal it, the atrocities under it and the state terror are increasing day by day.
In this situation it is the task of all progressive, democratic and left forces to come together and raise their voice for repeal of this draconian act and for the withdrawal of the military from policing the villages and towns of these states with extra-Constitutional powers. After discussion with Sharmila Kanba Lup (SAKAL) and some other forces in these states, the CPI(ML) has taken initiative to unite  various progressive and democratic forces, civil right groups, women organizations and organizations in  Northeast and J&K who are active on this issue to come together and organize a Parliament March on 27th March in solidarity with the great untiring struggle waged by Irom Sarmila and the people of these states, with the slogans Repeal AFSPA, Withdraw army from policing in Northeast and J&K.
We appeal to all progressive and democratic forces and sections to come forward and to make the Parliament March on 27th March a great success. In this way let us prepare the ground for the formation of an all India coordination of the like minded forces on these issues to carry forward this campaign so as to compel the government to accept them.
Expecting immediate and favorable response,
With warm greetings,
General Secretary, CPI(ML)
Dated 12nd March,2012.

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