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DPF Organizes Ahmedabad rally on 7th Novemeber with the slogans: OUST Narendra Modi, Strengthen People’s Alternative.

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DPF Organizes Ahmedabad rally on 7th Novemeber with the slogans:
OUST Narendra Modi, Strengthen People’s Alternative.
Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is in power for ten years and has already launched the election campaign for December elections  with an eye on  hatric victory  which will strengthen him  to compete for prime minister ship after next Lok Sabha elections. His campaigners are marketing him as a ‘steel man’ in the mould of Vallabhai Patel, a ‘Vikas man’ who has led the state forward in the path of ‘globalized development’and a ‘clean man’. When many cooruption chagres are haunting him. In his inaugural election speech he tried to compare himself even to Vivekananda. Pumping huge funds, communalizing the voters and projecting false visions of a prosperous Gujarat the BJP band wagon is working overtime for his victory.
But even his main detractors like former BJP leader and chief minister, Keshubhai Patel and the Congress from the ruling class camp are challenging his claims. His conscious attempt to belittle and conceal the 2002 pogrom  and its horrific impact on the society as a whole and Muslim minority in particular are challenged even by the Congress which still wear a secular façade. In the name of development he has made the state the most open area in the country for imposing  neo-liberal policies. Almost all the corporate houses in the country and MNCs are provided maximum facilities to loot the natural resources and labour. Making Gujarat maximum ‘investor friendly’ means giving maximum subsidies and tax concessions. It also means making the labour department one to serve the employers. Even private ports are opened as SEZs. In the agricultural sector  finance capital, market forces and corporate forces with ‘forward trading’ like speculative facilities are given free reign. Privatization-liberalization are made supreme in every sectors, including education, healthcare, drinking water etc.
Though Narendra Modi is vocal against price rise, corruption, opening retail to FDI etc, he and his party fully upholds the neo-liberal policies which have led to this situation. He is a votary of contract system like Congress. If BJP with or without Modi as prime minister comes to power at Delhi, as proved during 1998-2004, it will further speed up the UPA policies. Apart from that, in place of Congress policy of appeasing all communal and caste forces, it will further speed up Hindutva fanaticism and caste divisions. It will cut down even whatever remnants of welfare policies are surviving.The disastrous policies of BJP/Congress has led to scores of farmers suicide as well as several attacks on dalits.  Narendra Modi’s victory in the elections will only lead to further intensification of subservience to imperialist dictated policies and communalization. So it is the prime task of all left, democratic and secular forces to tirelessly work for removing Modi from power, to defeat him in the state elections so that his dream of prime ministership is shattered.
While ‘Oust Narendra Modi’ slogan should reverberate all over the state and in the country, what can be the alternative is a serious challenge before the people. This is all the more important as Congress, BJP dissidents and other contesting ruling class parties are pursuing the very same policies of Modi wherever they are in power. Even while opposing the genocide of Muslims in 2002 and the communal hatred created following it, none of them have a firm secular approach. In this situation, in spite of the fact that the left forces are weaker in the state, when the anger of the people against Naarendra Modi government in the state and against the neo-liberal policies and their horrific consequences at all  India level are mounting day by day, it is the responsibility of the left, democratic and secular forces to work hard for uniting their forces and to strengthen the people]s alternative with a basically alternative approach to development  The DPF beliefs that left democratic forces are the only alternative force that can save India from the clutches of Imperialism ,Hunger and Poverty. The Left forces alone can combat the intrusion of FDI,FII in all sectors.
It is to put forward this basic approach with the slogans: Oust Narendra Modi, Strengthen People’s Alternative’, the Democratic People’s Forum is organizing  massive people’s awareness rally on 7th Novemeber at Anmedabad, with popular forces from all all over the country joining hands with the left forces in the state The DPF constituent in the state, New Socialist Movement, will field few candidates and DPF shall mobilize a vigorous campaign during the elections to state assembly with these slogans. We appeal to all secular, democratic and left forces to join hands in this campaign for strengthening a people’s alternative to the ruling class alternatives.

Convener DPF

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