Friday, September 28, 2012

Join the valiant struggle to build a People’s Alternative to the corrupt and barbarous ruling system; Help to strengthen the CPI(ML) by generously contributing to the Party Central Fund

Dear comrades and friends,
We are living in a turbulent period. During the post Second World War period, the US-led imperialist system and its compradors and lackeys launched a mighty neo-colonial offensive across the world and succeeded in inflicting severe setbacks on the once powerful international communist movement and socialist countries which had seemed capable of overthrowing the imperialist system during the 1950s. Especially after the 1970s, neo-liberal policies were imposed to overcome stagflation which was intensifying the crisis confronted by the imperialist system, and all the achievements of the working class and other toiling and oppressed masses gained through more than two centuries of bitter class struggle were lost. All welfare policies introduced as a by-product of class struggle were taken away, the contract system replaced permanent jobs and speculative finance capital and market forces ruled supreme. Imperialist cultural values and consumerism went on bulldozing all socialist consciousness with a vengeance. Religion, casteism, racism and parochialism were increasingly utilised as effective tools to bind people to decadent values, to divide them and to make them impotent.
What we are witnessing in our country is not in any way different from the international scenario. Under crony capitalism and mafia raj imposed under neo-colonial plunder, price rise, corruption, unemployment, under employment and commercialization of all fields are devastating people’s life and ecology. While the UPA government stands condemned for numerous mega-scams, the BJP is stalling Parliament session in sham protest, having proved itself equally corrupt during its NDA rule and now in states ruled by it. While BJP, Shiv Sena, Muslim League-like parties flourish parading naked communal politics, Congress and others talk about secularism but pursue appeasement of all religious, casteist and sectarian forces. All use money and muscle power, religion, caste, parochialism etc. as part of vote-bank politics. Even the long years of CPI(M)-led Left Front rule in Bengal, Kerala and Tripura have proved that the CPI(M) and its Front partners are not basically different from the ruling class parties when in power. All these parties presently represented are sharing the very same neo-liberal policies and all have polarized against the interests of people. As a result, though governments change, there is no change in their policies. The very same ruling system continues, becoming more anti-people and barbarous day by day. Though the Maoists claim to be working for overthrowing the ruling system, in effect they have degenerated to the extent of pursuing mercenary and terrorist activities. Their anarchist actions have become an alibi for the ruling system to snatch away whatever democratic rights still exist, and to fascicise the system. In the same way the isolated terrorist actions of militants influenced by religious fundamentalism and the insurgents in Jammu and Kashmir and Northeast are utilized to impose virtual military rule in vast areas, to retain AFSPA like black laws and to terrorize the minorities and the oppressed masses.
Thus the neo-colonial plunder and the so-called development policy which devastate people’s life and nature are being fanatically pursued by the central and state governments. The ruling system has become fascistic, anti-people and absolutely corrupt. Whichever party or alliance comes to power, this situation does not change; rather it becomes more reactionary. What is required is a people’s alternative which will democratize the system, establish people’s power at all levels, ensure all basic rights like food, housing, healthcare, education and employment to all, and pursue a people-oriented, sustainable development policy. The past and present performances of the parties ranging from Congress and BJP to the CPI(M)-led Left Front have proved that none of them can or will do the above, but will rather do just the opposite. In spite of some cosmetic differences, the Congress-led UPA, the BJP- led NDA and the proposed amorphous third alternative by CPI(M) and other opportunist parties are nothing but different variations of ruling class alternatives.
But contrary to the early 1990s when the Soviet Union had just disintegrated and the imperialists and their lackeys were declaring ‘end of history’ and ‘end of socialism’, the global situation has undergone significant positive changes. From the beginning of this century, while the global imperialist finance system is facing ever-intensifying and repeated crises, the toiling masses and oppressed people are on the move, waging upsurges in Latin America, persistent strike actions in the imperialist countries, Arab Uprising-like gigantic movements in North Africa and West Asia, and numerous revolutionary advances as in Nepal, Greece and elsewhere including India. Though the imperialists, especially US imperialists and their lackeys of all hues, are challenged everywhere, they are succeeding in diverting the movements from the revolutionary path and suppressing them in the absence of revolutionary vanguard forces to lead them forward. That is, while the objective situation is becoming favorable for yet another upswing of revolution, the subjective forces are still weak and unable to utilize the excellent revolutionary fervour at the global level.
The situation in our country is also the same. It is at this critical juncture that the Party Programme and Path of People’s Democratic Revolution adopted by the Ninth Congress of the CPI(ML) at Bhubaneswar in November, 2011, have shown the revolutionary way forward to the working class and the oppressed masses and peoples. Only by strengthening the Party’s activities at all levels can the dreams of our valiant martyrs be realized and the country advance to People’s Democracy and Socialism.
Struggling against all obstacles, including the right opportunist and anarchist deviations still haunting the movement, and uncompromisingly fighting against the neo-liberal policies, the CPI(ML) has succeeded in building party organization in almost all states and in leading many all-India campaigns against the central and state governments over the last decade. Along with strengthening class and mass organizations in all fields, it is consistently struggling against the neo-liberal policies and their consequences. While organizing land struggles with the slogan “land to the tiller”, it is fighting against displacement in the name of development, the new counter-revolutionary offensive in the agrarian sector leading to suicides and pauperization of millions of the peasantry and for rights of the slum dwellers and all homeless people. It has taken the initiative in launching a caste annihilation movement and is active in the anti-nuclear plant movement, in the struggles against ecological destruction, in the struggles against militarization and AFSPA and all other black laws. It is waging a consistent struggle against neo-colonization, against the hegemony of IMF-World Bank-WTO and MNCs, and commercialization of all fields etc. The massive rally planned under the banner of Democratic People’s Forum (DPF) on November 7th in Ahmedabad is part of its consistent struggle against communalization and for secular values. It is working hard to build and strengthen DPF at all-India level and such forums at state levels as People’s Alternative to the ruling system. Extending these activities at all-India level to the international level, upholding the spirit of proletarian internationalism, the CPI (ML) could play a leading role in building the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties (ICOR) which has already taken a number of international initiatives. Through a number of publications it is consistently propagating its views among the masses.
All these activities require huge funds for which the Party entirely relies on the toiling masses and friends.  The Party and class/mass organizations develop all-round activities by regularly collecting district level and state level funds every year, besides collections for day to day functioning, from the masses. Besides, every year, a central fund is collected for the central functioning of the Party, which is developing day by day. This year also our Party comrades will approach you for fund collection both within the country and also everywhere else the comrades and friends from the country are working, like the Gulf region. The Central Committee of the CPI (ML) appeals to all of you to generously contribute to the Party Central Fund collected from 1st October to 30th November. Please hand over your contributions to the activists of the Party who approach you with this appeal. If no such comrades are near the area where you are working, please send your contribution directly to the Party centre (account no. 2007 1010 16469 of K.N.Ramachandran, Uttam Nagar Branch, New Delhi, of Canara Bank (IFSC Code CNRB 0002379). Please visit our website: and facebook of the undersigned as well as of CPI(ML).
It is a critical period when we have to intensify our activities in all fields challenging the imperialists and their lackeys ruling the country. Please contribute generously and strengthen the CPI (ML) to carry forward the revolutionary tasks.
K.N.Ramachandran, General Secretary, CPI (ML), Dated 30th September, 2012.

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