Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 20-21 All India General Strike: A Great Beginning.

The all India general strike on 20-21 February has started today morning , creating great impact in all fields.  An estimated 120 million employees and workers from banking, insurance, government services to transport, construction and manufacturing sectors participating in it. Practically all trade union centers  big and small, hundreds of independent unions across the country are participating in it.  Militant demonstrations are taking place all over the country with tens of thousands of  workers and employees demanding a reversal of the policies which have led to price rise, corruption and impoverization of the life of the vast majority of the masses of people, participating in them. There are reports that tens of thousands of workers from practically all states are arrested. We congratulate the working class with the hope that taking lessons from this great beginning they shall continue the struggle till their demands are achieved.
At the same time from the response of the central and state governments it is clear that even after their own trade unions participating in this successful all India strike, the ruling class parties are not ready to reverse the anti-working class and anti-people policies. It is reported that the budget for 2013-14 shall continue and intensify the reactionary policies which are making life more difficult for the working class and masses of the people. So in order to force the reversal of the anti-people policies the ruling system itself has to be changed. For this the working class should get prepared to go beyond such token struggles to revolutionary upsurges, so as to make basic changes to society. Let us hope that from their bitter experience the working class shall get prepared for more protracted and system changing struggles in coming days, inspired by the success of this all India strike. Once again we extend revolutionary greetings to the working class for this successful all India strike.
General Secretary, 
20th February, 2013

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