Monday, March 11, 2013

Motion of Non-Confidence is moved in the People’s Parliament against the Ruling Governments

The following Motion of Non-Confidence is moved in the People’s Parliament against the Ruling Governments and the Ruling System; the Motion calls for removing the existing reactionary, corrupt system and replacing it with a People’s Alternative Based on People’s Manifesto evolved through discussion among the masses.1. The People’s Parliament at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, on 15th March, declares non-confidence in the UPA government at centre, in the state governments and the entire ruling system in which both the ruling and opposition parties are colluding with each other for speeding up the imposition of the neo-liberal policies, for saving the scamsters, and for strengthening the communal, caste, fascist forces, cuttinig at the root of even the existing secular, democratic values. 2. Through the latest railways’ and central budgets the UPA government has further sped up imposition of the neo-liberal policies. It is leading to unprecedented price-rise, intensifying corruption in all fields, unemployment, and all-round impoverishment of the masses. The     consecutive governments have opened the economy to the corporate houses, MNCs and FDIs, and privatization is sped up through Private-Public-Partnership (PPP). The prices and service / freight charges are hiked by linking them with the prices of ‘de-controlled’ diesel and services. 3. The defense expenditure is enhanced to more than Rs. 2 trillion, with a large part siphoned to ruling party funds through numerous scams. Virtuaal military rule is continued in J&K and Northeast along with the imposition of AFSPA, which is being extended to Chathisgarh. Secret hanging of Afsal Guru shows the extent of criminalization of the state apparatus, communal fascist attitude of the ruling system and the refusal to resolve the Kashmir question through political means involving the people. In the name of development, dalits, adivasis, minorities and women along with all other oppressed sections and classes are coming under increasing attacks including displacement from their land.4. As a result, in all the states people’s movements against neo-liberal policies are getting strengthened. There was massive mobilization of people against intensifying corruption at Delhi and other urban centres. Again tens of thousands got mobilized when another girl was gang raped in Delhi streets, with students, youth, women and other sections occupying the streets in Delhi, challenging the ruling system. Against displacement of tens of thousands of families for numerous projects like Narmada like large dams, for providing millions of acres of land for MNCs/ Corporate projects, for nuclear plants etc and against the ecological destruction created by these projects millions of people have come out in protest. In spite of all these, the institutionalized parties, both on the ruling as well as opposition side are colluding with each other to intensify attacks on people, even while competing with each other for power. In one form or other, they repeat that there is no alternative to neo-liberal policies. The administration serves patriarchy and neo-liberal lust, consumerism, caste system and communal appeasement, surrendering to communal fascist forces. The caste- based oppression, ghastly attacks on dalits, adivasis and women, suppression of minorities and loot of the toiling masses have intensified.5. When the whole running system is degenerating fast, as a reflection of it, the parliament has become a useless debating, and often shouting club of agents of imperialists, especially US imperialists, and MNCs/ Corporate houses, scamsters, rapists, criminals and mafias, or of reformists who have thrown their past revolutionary spirit to Bay of Bengal or Arabian Sea, bereft of any power. Instead of representing people the present parliament members are representing people’s enemies, the handful of native elite classes and foreign capital interests. They represent the Brahmanical system which enslaves the people to loot of the imperialists and their agents6. This situation demands that all those fighting against these anti-people ruling class policies and are against the neo-liberal policies, who demand people oriented development, and all round democratization of the polity should get together for a People’s Alternative based on a People’s Manifesto to put an end to the present   reactionary, corrupt ruling system and its anti-people policies. This People’s Manifesto should be developed through countrywide discussion among the masses using all possible avenues. 7. The People’s Parliament attended by  progressive, secular, democratic and left forces and individuals along with representatives of the ongoing people’s resistance movements in different  parts of the country, organized at Janta Mantar, New Delhi, on 15th March with the slogans: Struggle against Price Rise, Corruption, Evictions, FDI in Retail and Attacks on Democratic Rights! Fight caste-adivasi-gender-minority oppression! Down with neo-liberal policies! Strengthen people’s alternative against all ruling parties and communal fascists!, declares non-confidence in the present central and state governments, and in the reactionary ruling system which have gone against all the promises given during the independence struggle.8. This People’s Parliament calls on the masses of people and all progressive, democratic, secular and left forces to throw out these corrupt anti-people parties and the ruling system fostered by them, from power, and to get mobilized through all forms of people’s movements to replace it with the broadest possible People’s Alternative based on a People’s Manifesto with the following basic orientation:(1)  Smash imperialist globalization and neo-liberal policies; End imperialist domination through IMF, World Bank, WTO and MNCs. (2) Defend existing Constitutional, democratic and secular rights and fight for their expansion; All fields of administration and judiciary should function within the Constitutional framework, not under neo-liberal framework. (3) Prosecute all corrupt through special courts; Bring in to force Lokayukta like agencies with full power for this purpose; Confiscate all black- money deposited in foreign banks and other hide-outs.  (4) Stop all displacements for Neo-liberal Projects; Confiscate all lands from mafias, big landlords etc; Implement land reforms based on land to the tiller and provide all out assistance to the farmers for agricultural development. (5) End price-rise; Implement universal Public Distribution System; Ensure education, healthcare, housing and employment for all. (6) Implement need based wages, job security and democratic rights of working class; Stop contract and casual labour system. (7) Ensure Adivasis’ right over their land and natural resources; Implement autonomous councils based on Sixth Schedule in Adivasi areas; Organise dalits, adivasis and minorities and end caste-based and communal oppression; Realize  caste-less and secular society. (8) End all forms of gender discrimination; Ensure women’s equality in all fields. (9) Scrap AFSPA, UAPA and all other black laws; Withdraw military from Jammu- Kashmir and Northeast; End state terror and achieve all round democratization of the administration and society. (10) Abolish imperialist promoted ‘development’ policies which devastate nature and impoverish masses; Implement people oriented, sustainable and eco-friendly development paradigm.       Moved by the presidium of the People’s Parliament.

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