Friday, January 27, 2012

India should boycott London Olympics

Against the sponsorship of Dow Chemicals to London Olympics already Noam Chomsky, a number of British MPs and former Olympians had protested to the London Olympics Organizing Committee. Allof them have demanded that this company which is refusing due compensation for the victims and for disposal of the toxic waste of Union Carbide responsible for the Bhopal Massacre of 1984, which it has later purchased, should be thrown out from among the sponsors. The resignation of the environmentalist, Meredith Alexander, from the London Olympics Committee raising the same demand has strengthened the voice of those who protest against an Olympics with the sponsorship of a MNC like Dow Chemicals.  The organizations of the affected people of Bhopal and Youth and student organizations like RYFI and AIRSO have already demonstrated against the sponsorship of Dow Chemicals to London Olympics and that if this murderous company is not removed from among the sponsors India should boycott London Olympics. The CPI(ML) has demanded that India should boycott the London Olympics if Dow Chemicals continues as its sponsor .
But, in spite of all these, neither the government of India, the Indian Olympics Committee, nor the Indian MPs or other political parties and the various sports committees in India have not raised their voice in protest against this. Their silence on this issue is deafening. It is shameful that neither the Indian Olympics Committee nor the government of India nor other so-called public  figures  nor the media in a significant manner have come forward to demand the removal of Dow Chemicals from among the sponsors of London Olympics.  So, we appeal to all progressive democratic forces in the country to raise their voice to kick out Dow Chemicals from among the sponsors of the London Olympics, or if it is not done to compel the Olympic authorities and government of India to boycott London Olympics.

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