Friday, January 27, 2012

Twenty five Years of Red Star.

Twenty five Years of Red Star.
Red Star as the central organ of the CPI(ML) is completing 25 years this year. From the time the All India Coordination Committee of the Communist Revolutionaries (AICCCR) was formed in 1968 Liberation was published as the central organ. After the formation of the CPI (ML) on 22nd April, 1969 it continued as its central organ. But following the severe set backs suffered by the Party by 1972 leading to its disintegration due to the sectarian line it had pursued, as an instrument of the reorganization of the  Party, Mass Line was published from October 1973. But when the Central Reorganization Committee, CPI(ML) which had initiated the Party reorganization like other sections of the Communist Revolutionaries was reorganized as the CPI(ML) Red Flag in March 1987, reflecting the call for building a Platform of the CRs as a step towards Party reorganization, the publication of Red Star Platform of the Communist Revolutionaries  was started. In the strenuous tasks taken up during the last quarter century leading to the successful convening of the Ninth Party Congress in November, 2011, which has put forward the basic documents for advancing the People’s Democratic Revolution, and which marks an important stage in the process of Party reorganization, Red Star as the central organ of the organization has played an important role.
During this period, in spite of many difficulties Red Star was continuously published regularly, developing its ideological political orientation reflecting the ideological political organizational progress of the Party reorganization. Today these tasks have become much more important when based on the comprehensive understanding of the class struggle to be developed in all fields the Party has taken up many international and countrywide tasks. Red Star has to be developed and strengthened in all respects. On this occasion we extend our gratitude to all comrades and friends who supported Red Star during its difficult journey. We appeal to all of them and to our new subscribers to continue to provide all help in all respects to strengthen Red Star further so that it can fulfill the role of the revolutionary party organ.
Appeal to all comrades and friends of Red Star.
Red Star has completed 25 years. Today it has to take up much more important tasks as the central organ of the CPI(ML). We Appeal to all to all to regularly clear their dues, to find new subscribers , to help in its publication in all respects and in taking it to all parts of the country and outside.
Red Star (English and Hindi)   Yearly subscription Rs. 100.
                                                    Life subscription      Rs.1,000.
Send all amounts by MOs or cheques or by money transfer to the account of K.N.Ramachandran to a/c no. 2007101016469, Canara Bank, Bhogal Branch, New Delhi-110014.

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